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Here you can find a selection of drop earrings, tote bags, paper craft embellishments, embroidery motifs and decoupage sets, all lovingly handcrafted by me for your card making, home décor and other creative crafting projects.

I use quality materials and make these items to a high standard. They are designed to make a lovely gift for you and your loved ones.

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About Me

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I have always had a love for the creative arts, which started in childhood when my dear Mother encouraged me and my sisters to spend our leisure time doing something creative.

If we were sewing a dress or something for one of our dolls, her constant reminder was to always be sure to “finish the inside as good as the outside”.  In other words, her meaning was clear, “to do the best job you can and therefore you must put your best effort into any job you decide to do”.  This, she stated, was so that you would always get the best result you can from your best effort.

Her words of encouragement and wisdom stayed with me. My love and interest in the creative arts continued to grow with the passage of time.

As the years passed, my passion, interest and love for the creative arts never diminished and this, I believe has shown in the areas of my sewing, embroidery, knitting and crocheting.

In recent years, I have found jewellery making which I have added to my list of interests.

Since retirement and with more leisure time I have seen the opportunities that I can use to grow my hobby into a creative business idea.

I am aware that setting up and running a business, even a small one needs an investment of time, money, perseverance, energy, effort, will power and passion! There will also be pitfalls, mistakes and down times along the way but my passion for the creative arts will sustain my interest in order to help me to persevere and push through the tough times to enable me to reach my goals of taking my hobbies one step further and push through to bring my dream of turning my hobbies into a business opportunity.

Have a look at my shop!